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Stray Bullets 3/3

  • With Ron Artest's stellar defensive play lately, are there still questions about whether or not he's been a good fit?  He's shooting well, he's defending great, and even dunking!  The main thing anyone was worried about was him straying from the Triangle and freelancing.  Personally, I don't think it's been an issue once this season, and I don't see it becoming one.  Ron is a smart player.  Danny Granger apparently only knows how to dribble with one hand, and not especially well.  Ron exploited that to high hell last night.  Steal after steal anytime Granger decided to try his left or hesitate the slightest. 
  • Adrien Wojnarowski tells it how it is regarding the LeBron number switch.  He's right on point.  He just may the the only mainstream journalist (not blogger) who voices his unfiltered opinion regardless of politics.  It's so obvious, yet he's the only person I've read to say such about LeBron.  It's all about the off court Star Wars.  It's killing LeBron that Kobe is more popular.  The NBA is a business. 
  • Just spare us the lame story of why, LeBron.  Michael doesn't care.  "Just do it." If you stay with Cleveland, you'll be the second player to have two numbers retired by the same organization.  You know who will be the first.
  • Without turning this into another tired Kobe v. LeBron debate, the anti- Kobe faction of the basketball world would see LeBron in an entirely different light if Kobe didn't exist.  Some of the LeBron deification (and others) comes simply because he isn't Kobe.  It's as simple as that sometimes.  Tell me Bill Simmon's wouldn't devote half an article to LeBron's tactics if he and Kobe weren't in this "whose league is it?" battle? 
  • Staying on LeBron.  On the heels of the LeBron "overtures" to Lakers story, comes a story of those around the league thinking LeBron should sign a 3-year deal.  Hmmm.  Imagine he did?  I wonder what the Lakers' situation is then?  You think Roland Lazenby is so crazy now?  These stories are coincidental, to say the least.  I'm just playing devil's advocate.
  • How much leverage can the Player's Union make out of this 2010 Free Agency boom?  The NBA has a lot to gain if certain player's like LeBron and D-Wade could play in NY and Chicago respectively.  Add that to Kobe and the Lakers.  The NBA might be the healthiest it's ever been if it's 3 biggest stars played in the 3 biggest markets at once.
  • I'm really tired of stupid articles even mentioning another team besides Cleveland having interest in Big Z.  How stupid do they think we are.  There was never any doubt he's returning to the Cavs.
  • As C.A. pointed out, Kobe's "slump" comes as he's taking fairly good shots.  He isn't trying to regain his stroke pulling up from 20" out, or up-fake fade-aways.  Those are shots that are maddening when he's slumping.  Lately?  He's missing gimme post ups, or having lay-ups rim out, or wide open 3's.  I can live with those, because it keeps the offense in perspective.  He wasn't his sharpest against Denver, nor Indy, and still was able to wreak havoc on those teams with the ball in his hands because he was forcing the defense to help on deep post position.  When they did, he found open teammates...
  • ...When he wasn't turning it over. 
  • One thing I hate that Kobe does, is leave his man and cheats in towards the paint, or lazily move around as his man goes from corner to corner. 
  • I know, I know...I'm sure the stats may say the Lakers are above average in opponents' PG P.E.R. or whatever stat someone made, but I can't help but feel it affects the rest of the team.  There are other factors involved.  Still, when Kobe's busting his butt on D every possession, everyone else is too.   Brandon Rush had one basket in the 3rd.  At point blank range.  He had 6 wide open jumpers in the 1st half.
  • I want the DoberMamba at the beginning of games.
  • Dear Brandon Rush, please find a barbershop.  Either grow your hair out, or cut it short.  It's 2010, and your 1970's  very mini 'fro just looks like your too cheap to get your hair cut.  Even Roy Hibbert gets his hair cut now.
  • I saw someone call Jordan Farmar "Ear Jordan" on Twitter last night.  I found it absolutely hilarious, but wondered how I never heard something so easy to think up before last night?  And why didn't I come up that one?
  • Nothing says "We don't respect you!" like putting in Ammo in the 2nd Q.  No wonder Kobe was letting Brandon Rush get some shots in.  The Lakers only had to pay attention for one quarter to blow the game open.
  • Fish has had two decent shooting games in a row.  Save 'em for later Fish.
  • I had to watch the Indiana Pacers feed last night (League Pass).  Pacers' sideline reporter Stacy Paetz has a lot of hair.
  • Doesn't Troy Murphy look like "Alice the Goon" from "Popeye" ?
  • ...and Big Z looks like "Swee' Pea."

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