Long term reality with Bynum and injuries

He spent the off-season in the weight room, getting stronger. For the most part, that worked. Losing him for six or so games at the end of the season with the achilles issue is better than him going down with a knee injury. We weren't going to catch Cleveland anyway. The Lakers should have enough to maintain the best record in the West.

Looking long term, if the team can have Bynum for an average of 70 or so games per year, that's probably as much as you can expect. Some people are more susceptible to injuries than others, and he's apparently one of them. If he can avoid any more knee problems or a bad high ankle sprain, then 70 games a year is probably realistic.

Mikan was a horse, Wilt was seemingly invulnerable, Kareem was pretty much the same, Shaq rested for half the season until the playoffs, and Bynum gets nicked up a lot. He's going to be here a long time, and we're going to have to get used to this.

For those who want the Lakers to trade him, I don't know what you'd get in return. Who would trade us a top center (there's only a few good ones) for Bynum, straight up? And if we swapped him to some team for a great point guard, then we'd really be changing the entire approach for the team.

He's still just a guppy, in terms of age. If he can stay upright and continue workout regimens to get stronger — as well as improve his game (and he does get better every year) — then we'll have a serious advantage inside for a long time.

Just my .02.