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Lakers-Warriors Open Thread

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I once attended a Lakers-Warriors game in NoCal, except it wasn't in Oakland. It was at San Jose Arena, where the Dubs spent the 1996-97 season while their building in Oakland was being renovated. Shaquille O'Neal, in his first season as a Laker, scored 26 in a 3-point Laker win. A rookie Kobe Bryant, appearing in the 10th game of his NBA career, scored three points in eight minutes off the bench.

Thank you for indulging my stroll down memory lane. YOU CAN HAZ DRINKING GAME TRIGGERZ:

  • Any mention of Pau Gasol's foul of Louis Amundson last Friday night,
  • Something about the Lakers "controlling the pace,"
  • Stephen Curry = good shooter,
  • Anything about the Warriors having great fans, and
  • Any mention of the NCAA tournament brackets.