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Fresh Meat

It is my distinct pleasure and relief to announce that Silver Screen and Roll has three new authors.  None of them are stangers to SS&R, and we're lucky to have them join the fray.  Forgive the added suspense, but you'll have to click through the jump to find out who they are.


Wondah has been taking care of The Credits since time immemorial, and he's done an absolutely fantastic job.  We all know his commentary deserves more than a links post.  His no-nonsense style means you can count on him to tell it like it is without any need to dress situations up, and his willingness to give an honest appraisal of the team and players will be a huge asset to the site.

Gil Meriken

The artist formerly known as Gils_Keloids, Gil Meriken has exactly the type of off-beat personality and humor that any good blog needs.  Besides possessing a quick and very subtle wit, Gil has his ear to the pulse of the NBA, often providing unique insights from stories that we might not otherwise have come across.  Oh, and he also happens to know his shit when it comes to basketball, too.

Saurav A. Das

Saurav hasn't been around that long, but he's made up for lost time by providing some of the most in depth commentary around.  And by some, I mean a ton.  He posted so many fanshots that SB Nation banned him for (presumably) spamming.  But let's be clear, he's not choosing quantity over quality, he's simply providing both.  In fact, many of you told him, "You should really be an author".  Well, ask and ye shall receive.  Hailing from the land of Down Under, Saurav can provide a little bit of foreign flair and perspective, not to mention analysis which is more thorough than even I can provide.

Welcome to the team, guys.  It's great to have you.

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