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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread

Did you know the Nuggets are 25-5 at home but only 14-14 on the road? Well you do now. And I'm sure you'll be reminded of those stats at least a couple times during today's broadcast. You'll also be reminded that one of Denver's 14 road wins was at Staples on February 5, when they made eleventy billion threes and beat the Lakers by double digits. It'd be nice if that didn't happen again today.

Get your Sunday afternoon drink on whenever:

  • ABC shows a score from the USA-Canada gold medal hockey game,
  • They mention that Arron Afflalo is from Compton or that he played at UCLA,
  • J.R. Smith does something hugely irritating after he makes a shot,
  • Lamar Odom packs it down on a fool, or
  • The game is described as a "conference finals preview."

Gather 'round, friends. Now is the hour of our revenge.

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