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Some Stuff Happened Today, Some Stuff Didn't

The Lakers reassembled in Los Angeles this fine Monday to resume basketballish activities. From my vast network of spies, informants and double-agents in the league office, here's the latest on le purple et golde.

Luke Walton - is out of action indefinitely with a pinched nerve in his back. He missed two months earlier this season with a similar injury and, since returning in mid-January, has been averaging barely six minutes a game, so this doesn't materially affect the Laker rotation. If the team ever reached a point where it needed Luke Walton in a crucial moment, it was in trouble anyway.

Kobe Bryant - is back. He participated fully in practice today and, according to ESPN reporter Beto Duran, walked off the court "with a smile on his face and a strut in his step." He'll play tomorrow night against Golden State.

Andrew Bynum - will also play tomorrow night, although he still complains of pain in his bruised hip.

Kirk Hinrich - is still not a Laker. The rumor swamp as it relates to Lakerdom has been totally quiet today. On the other hand, can you prove Hinrich wasn't in Los Angeles this afternoon shopping for condos in Rancho Palos Verdes? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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