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All-Star Game Open Thread


Here's a jarring thought for you: the playoffs start in 63 days. Today, in other words, is the last moment of relaxation we Laker fans will get until June. Starting tomorrow it's trade deadline and "Return of Kobe" drama, the push for home-court advantage and then the postseason stress volcano. Let us savor the anxiety-free zone of All-Star Sunday while we can.

Today's drinking-game triggers include:

  • Any discussion of Cowboy Stadium's size or bizarre amenities,
  • Any mention of how All-Star Weekend will be in Los Angeles next year,
  • Any gratuitously long and overarranged rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner or other patriotic standard,
  • Any attempt by an announcer to convince you that the players really do want to win, and
  • "The five-dollar box, it rocks, it rocks."

As the Village People once memorably sang, Go West!

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