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All-Star Saturday Night Open Thread

Welcome, sexy bitches. Tonight the NBA presents us with a cavalcade of dog-and-pony shows, starting off with the HORSE competition at 4:00 Cali time. Following that are the Shooting Stars competition (no idea), that point-guard skills challenge thingy, the three-point contest (Josh Powell's in it this year, right?) and what they hope will be the spectacular finale, the dunk competishe.

Our special All-Star Saturday drinking-game triggers consist of:

  • Any time TNT asks you to text in your vote about something,
  • Any talk of the Butler-Haywood-Howard trade,
  • Mentions of trade rumors involving Amare Stoudamire,
  • The Barkley-Odom "it rocks, it rocks" commercial, and
  • Any joke (funny or otherwise) about Craig Sager's suit.

Fuck the Winter Olympics, amirite?

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