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Scouting Shannon's Competishe: Nate Robinson

Earlier tonight unfortunate viewers were treated to a "dunk in" between Demar DeRozan and Eric Gordon. DeRozan "won" in the strictly legal sense, but all who witnessed it agree there were no winners in this event, which many are calling the greatest world tragedy of 2010. Some people argue that the Haiti earthquake was worse, but I didn't have to watch the Haiti earthquake live on a Friday night while eating overcooked microwave popcorn, so clearly those people are mistaken.

Anyhoo, DeRozan joins Laker Shannon Brown in tomorrow's dunk contest, as well as New York bad boy Nate Robinson. Unless DeRozan pulls something batshit insane out of his hat, this will be a two-man duel between Shannon and Nate. (Sorry, Gerald Wallace. You're the token "big man" filler.) Nate's a two-time winner and incumbent champion of the dunk contest, which might work to his disadvantage. He might not have much new to show the judges.

Here, for your time-killing amusement, are his top 10 career dunks, as determined by either a Cambridge think tank or a video editor in the league office, I can't remember which.

If I can find a good DeRozan mix tape, I'll post it tomorrow. Or I'll completely forget to do it. Either way, you're guaranteed to get your money's worth.

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