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Lamar Odom's Lips Are Softer Than Yours


That's not a headline I expected to use when I rolled out of bed this afternoon, but hey. Here we are. Life sure is an adventure sometimes.

If you've ever wondered about the texture of Lamar Odom's lips or whether he knows how to use them, his spouse Khloe Kardashian (known to some SS&R commenters as "Kole Kardassian") is here to help. Earlier today on her blog, in what she calls "the spirit of Valentine's Day," she listed the top 10 things she loves about Lamar. I'd love nothing more to make fun of it because I'm jealous and lead a life devoid of human affection, but honestly it's kind of touching.

2. I love Lamar's eyes. They are big and brown but they tell you so much about him because he always stares directly into your eyes.

3. His Lips... He has amazingly soft lips. He knows how to use them :)

Aww, I wish my wife would say such nice things about me! Is something I might write if I were married. Unfortunately, girls terrify me and I've never actually interacted with one, unless you count all these Cinemax channels I subscribe to.

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