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Lamar Odom Continues to Make Awesome Commercials

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Last Monday, President Barack Obama delivered to Congress his budget request for fiscal 2011. The aerospace community was shocked and disheartened to learn that the proposal cancels NASA's Constellation program, which would return U.S. astronauts to the moon by 2020. The Obama policy was widely perceived as an effort to reform inefficiencies within NASA and to encourage lunar exploration by the private sector.

Be not afraid, space geeks: Laker forward Lamar Odom has perfected an innovative technique for escaping the surly bonds of earth. Not a lick of schmancy NASA engineering required. It instead involves a Jetsons-era backpack rocket, some Power Bar products and special effects that put Avatar to shame.

No, I've no idea why Lamar passes Saturn en route to the moon. What am I, an astrologer?

(H/T Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie.)