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Lakers-Clippers Open Thread

Bad news, threaders: you won't have Brian Cook to kick around tonight. He's sitting this one out and not, as you might reasonably have guessed, because of a preemptively announced DNP-CD. He's serving a suspension for getting into an on-court tickle fight with Andre Miller. Those of you lucky enough to be watching the KCAL feed will have to content yourselves with the occasional glimpse of Evelyn Taft.

Warm up your innards whenever:

  • Blake Griffin and "Rookie of the Year" are mentioned in the same sentence,
  • Someone points out that the Clippers are a young team,
  • A Clipper fan shows up in the thread to complain about the refs,
  • Someone speculates about Andrew Bynum's return date, or
  • An announcer makes a lame joke about this being a Lakers road game.

We must... not... lose... Los Angeles!

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