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Lakers - 76ers Game Thread

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Dex asked for the night off. Said tonight was supposed to be some great night to party or something like that. Then he showed up at my house and mumbled something about borrowing a cup of sugar. I have no idea what that was about. In unrelated news, has anybody seen my mom? She was here an hour ago.

For those of you devoted enough to the purple and gold to choose this game over your last chance for alcohol poisoning in 2010, raise a glass of bubbly whenever:

  • They play the inevitable "Lakers New Years Resolutions" promo
  • Joel and Stu talk about what they (or the players) are doing when the clock strikes midnight
  • You hear Auld Lang Syne (that's the New Year's song, you idiot)
  • You see a celebrity of any kind
  • And for good measure, when the lead changes

Happy Holidays, folks!