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Player of the Week: No One

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You probably just read the title and think I forgot to enter a name. I didn't. There is no winner this week. I can't think of a player who deserves it. I don't think any player should deserve it. This past week was pathetic. This team is too good to reward any performance this week. There was one win in a high scoring duel against a team that never plays defense, and two offensively anemic blowout losses at home. Did I mention yesterday's loss was to LeBron James Miami? Ugh.

I know, I know. It's only December, and the Christmas game wasn't really a statement game. It's just too early to pin the season on one win or loss. You probably also know that games like yesterday's mean more to us fans than the teams (I said it myself), but that's the thing that bothers me a little. These games are only played for our entertainment, and to be let down like that is just a little deflating. We wanted the bragging rights. We wanted to feel that much more entitled to bash LeBron and his merry band of front-runners. To know for certain that no illegitimate "three kings" could be enough to rock with our squad. Instead, we're scratching our heads, wondering what's going on, and looking forward to Tuesday's game against the NBA-leading Spurs. All the while, reminding ourselves that it's how the Lakers play come May that matters most, not December.

Do I think they'll right the ship? Sure, they usually do. They put us through this worry every season, yet have two rings to show for it. The bench has been great overall, Lamar is playing his best basketball ever, Pau was playing like an MVP to start the season, Andrew Bynum is back, and Kobe has been his typical all-time great self. They're going to be okay. I know this because Christmas is only once a year.

But hey, the Lakers (and Heat) were all wearing some BRIGHT new Nike's that ABC made sure to tell us all about. The Swoosh should win this week. You want to name a Player of the Week? Go ahead and vote.

*Update - Poll Closed. "No One" won.

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