Did you know...?: Derek Fisher

So I've been thinking about doing some kind of player profiles for a while now, but I haven't had the time. Instead, I'm going to start a periodic feature called "Did you know...?" and post some little- and well-known facts about some of our players. They're not facts that are difficult to find, they're just facts that aren't reported regularly. That said, if I post something that you think is incorrect or incomplete, feel free to correct/update at your peril in your comments.

This week, I'm going to feature our very own Mr. Intangibles, Derek Fisher. We all know about his family's battle with his daughter Tatum's retinoblastoma, a vicious and rare form of eye cancer, which, thankfully, is in remission. But I'll bet there are some things some of us didn't know.

To wit:

  • His middle is Lamar (I posted this in a game thread a couple of weeks ago)
  • His older brother Duane Washington played for the New Jersey Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers
  • He was a guest commentator for five Los Angeles Sparks games in 2008
  • He has played in more career games (1,255) than Kobe Bryant (1,247) (just one example of Kobe slacking off)
  • He was a Communications major in college and worked at an accounting firm during his sophomore and junior years
  • He was the Sunbelt Conference Player of the Year as a senior in college
  • He has the highest three-point field goal percentage in NBA Finals history (42.6%)
  • He donated $700K to his alma mater, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) for an auxiliary gymnasium, which was ultimately named Fisher Gym (one more example of Kobe slacking with a measly $411K for his alma mater)
  • He and his wife have four children, twins Tatum and Drew, son Marshall and daughter Chloe
  • Oh, and he's a Leo, like me



So, what do you know about Derek Lamar Fisher?

Note: All of this info was found on Wikipedia and