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Lakers-Wizards Open Thread

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Welcome, one and all, to the Andrew Bynum Comeback Spectacular. Also known as the Sasha Vujacic Farewell Spectacular and the Preliminary Joe Smith "Welcome to LA" Cocktail Reception. For the combined events I tried to hire a juggler, a band and a party hypnotist, but none of them wanted to sit through a Wizards game.

Tilt back your "I <3 Andrew Bynum" beer stein whenever:

  • We get a close-up of Bynum's knee,
  • They show a Bynum highlight from last year's Finals,
  • They show Bynum sitting on the bench,
  • Bynum dunks, or
  • Bynum misses a dunk.

Bynum Bynum Bynum! Joe Smith! BYNUM!

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