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Player of the Week: Derek Fisher



What can I say? I'm a sucker for buzzer-beating game-winning shots.  

Stray Bullets after the Jump...

Stray Bullets:

  • Derek Fisher didn't have the greatest week overall, but to watch the old President blow past quick rookie Eric Bledsoe from damn near half court, then throw up a high backboard layup over the outstretched arms of 6'11" DeAndre Jordan, all in 3.1 seconds, was enough for me.
  • I'm not quite sure what Eric Bledsoe was thinking. Fish isn't exactly known for his ability to beat defenders off the dribble. No one is getting him confused with Derrick Rose nor Deron Williams anytime soon. Not even if he were 25 years old, never mind 35. Still, Fish blew by him so easily, I'm not sure if Bledsoe realized that Fisher is left-handed. Unless Bledsoe purposely wanted to take his chances on a player definitely not known as a good finisher. If that was the case, he sure found out the hard way.  
  • Besides Kobe, is there any other player in the NBA with a clutch resume like Fish's? I don't care how many moments he has, he never ceases to amaze me. How many of you saw that play unfolding and thought that was the wrong guy with the ball? Seriously. I was like, "Fish with the ball?.......YEAH BOY!!!!!"

    That's the best part of his clutch moments. He constantly surprises us and it makes the memories that much better. Except for that big three-pointer he nailed against the Bulls to make it a three-point game with 48 seconds left. I knew that was going in. 37 seconds later, Kobe misses a free throw that could have made it a two point game.
  • Speaking of Kobe Bryant and clutch, Hardwood Paroxysm and CBS Sports' Matt Moore details Kobe's recent crunch time difficulties in Derrick Rose makes own statement about torch:

    "But the question has to be, does Bryant 
    need to be taking these kinds of shots? They're still in almost all these games, which shows how good the team is overall, and Bryant is definitely part of it.But at least right now (not in June), it would appear that the Lakers would be better off focusing on creating quality shots rather than hoping Bryant bails them out with long, contested threes."
  • I'm afraid I have to agree with Matt on this. We all know the greatness of Kobe's clutch, so I'm not going to question that (and neither does Moore). I realize that Kobe's stubborness and willingness to take those shots is part of that greatness, but there are times when he is too eager to make the big three-pointer when there's plenty of time left to chop down an opponent's lead. Anytime he drove in the final couple of minutes good things happened, and we lost a possession on an unnecessary three-point attempt at a time when every possession counted.
  • Derek Rose, take a bow. The man hit some biiiiiig shots. I kept thinking there's no way he's going to hit that shot. Nope. Cash. Although I hate seeing the Lakers lose, there's no shame to losing to a team like the Bulls with a superstar taking his place among the game's elite. Forget about trying to stop him going to the basket. Uh uh. Not happening. But now he has a three-point shot ? Oh God. Good thing he's in the East.
  • Speaking of clutch play... on Wednesday, I kinda wish Vinny Del Negro drew up something for Blake Griffin on that play before El Presidente's game winner. I see the positive aspect in a young team like the Clippers executing in that spot to take the lead against the defending champs, but I feel there's more to gain by letting your budding SUPERSTAR have the opportunity to carry his team on his back.  
  • Griffin is special. He's not just good. He's potentially a top 3-5 player soon. His potential for greatness and to make the Clips good far exceeds any step forward a Eric Bledsoe to DeAndre Jordan bucket provides the Staples Center's second citizens.
  • Blake should have been given the chance to show up Kobe and the Lakers like a real superstar can. Let him feel he can carry his squad to wins. Kinda like Derrick Rose did last night. Nah mean homeboy?
  • Matt Barnes needs to stop turning over the ball. He gives up the ball far too often for the amount of time he has the ball and minutes he plays. Sometimes in crucial moments.  
  • Damn, Shannon! You were lighting it up (again) this week, but a donut in your home town? C'mon son.
  • You saw that the NBA might buy the Hornets, right? Hmmm, sounds like a current dilemma is about to get fixed. Chris Paul, see you in New York soon.
  • Oops!  "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" is on USA right now. "You call him Doctor Jones!!" Later y'all.
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