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Lakers-Timberwolves Open Thread

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A very good evening to those few of you who aren't off playing Black Ops. Tonight's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves isn't one that requires your rapt attention. That's a true statement whether you're a fan of the Lakers or an actual Laker.

If you do choose to spend the next few hours with us watching the worst team in captivity, drink up whenever someone mentions:

  • That Kurt Rambis used to play for and/or coach the Lakers,
  • That Kevin Love played at UCLA,
  • Anything about Ricky Rubio,
  • That the Lakers used to play in Minneapolis, or
  • Kobe's Black Ops commercial.

Game-thread rules can be found here. Will any Timberwolf trolls stop by to make tonight more interesting? We should be so lucky.