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Lakers-Kings Open Thread

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The second nights of back-to-back sets are always tough. Your fingers are weary from typing the night before. You probably didn't get enough sleep, so your wit isn't as sharp as it might be. You just have to push through the fatigue to get the job done on the game thread. It's what separates the good commenters from the great ones.

The following drinking-game triggers are here to help:

  • Anytime someone mentions that Matt Barnes is from Sacramento,
  • Whenever Tyreke Evans gets a shot attempt or is fouled at the rim,
  • Whenever you hear a "BEAT LA" chant,
  • Anytime someone mentions that Evans was Rookie of the Year, or
  • Any talk of DeMarcus Cousins's "upside" or "potential."

Our game-thread rules, which I'm sure you've printed out and framed, are here.

Ready, steady, go.

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