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Player of the Week: Shannon Brown

ShanWow. UPS. Whatever you call him, Shannon Brown has been lights out so far this season. So much so that I feel like this has been coming for the past few weeks. It's almost like I've been looking for a reason to give Player of the Week to him. Well, Shannon, here you go.

I'm not sure I've been more impressed by another player this year. On any team. He's been that good.  Every week I wonder if this will be the week he comes back to earth. I think, "Is this for real?" Did he really become this good? Good enough to take damn near any shot and I not have any problem with it? There's only one perimeter player on this team I have complete faith in to not worry about the quality of the shot. You all know who that is. Shannon is reaching that level. I've called him Kobe-lite on numerous occasions. Sasha may never see the floor the way UPS is playing.

Shannon started the week out pretty great. Sunday versus the Warriors, he scored 17 points on 7-10 FGA (3-3 3P) with 4 rebounds in only 20 minutes. Not a bad outing. Until you remember that it's the Warriors. You or I might score 10 points against that team. I don't care where Nellie is, defense is still nonexistent in the Bay. Anyway, he follows that up with an absolute fantastic game against one of the league's elite, the Chicago Bulls: 7-14 FGA, 5-10 on threes, 4 rebounds, 3 assists in 28 minutes.  In a tight game. Every point mattered and this man went mini-Nova (trademarked - Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm). I know he wasn't too great against the Jazz last night, but the Bulls game was just too good to ignore.

As good as the Lakers bench has been this year, it's the incumbent that has been the best of the Killer B's. Signing yet another two year option deal, he isn't content to make around $2.5 million while $6 million dollar men like Luke and Sash watch him fill it up. He's playing like a man who wants his money and has put in the work and time to keep us quiet while he jacks it up. Forget about Let Shannon Dunk. Let Shannon Shoot. I'm not complaining.

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