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Lakers-Grizzlies Open Thread

What's up, my bromo sapiens. Everyone settled in for a couple hours of Laker ball? Splendid! Let's get right to tonight's drinking-game triggers.

Imbibe like it's your last night on earth whenever an announcer:

  • Describes the Memphis Grizzlies as a "young team,"
  • Mentions that O.J. Mayo played at USC,
  • Brings up Mike Conley's contract extension,
  • Describes Hasheem Thabeet as "raw," or
  • Makes some tired comment about the Gasol brothers involving the words "sibling rivalry" or a similar phrase.

Rules of the game-thread road can be found here. As always (but it bears repeating tonight), no politics, please. For when the Lakers are on, nothing else matters.

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