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Introducing the Facebook Captain

Have you been to the Silver Screen and Roll Facebook page?  Take a gander and you might notice a couple things.

  1. It sucks
  2. It's almost completely empty
  3. It has less fans than your kid sister's lemonade stand
  4. It really, really sucks

I've always believed that honesty is the best policy, and the honest truth is that I've been so neglectful of our Facebook page that Facebook Protective Services is about to show up at my door and request to "chat" with me.  Facebook has never been my cup of tea, but that's no excuse.  Lucky for you, I'm a master of delegation, and I'm bringing in a little help.

Introducing the Facebook Captain....


You know you are supposed to submit your stories to the Facebook page, C.A.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce your new Facebook Captain: bluexfalcon. Oversight of our facebook page, and it's "recruiting" efforts, will now fall under his jurisdiction. My stern recommendation is that you do whatever he says, because if you do not, there will be consequences.  Shown below is just a taste of what he brings to the table.


I know you might be thinking "I don't have anything to worry about, that was Terry Tate, not bluexfalcon.", but it's a little known fact that, when it came time to actually film the office linebacker's hits, they had to bring in a stunt double to bring the pain because Tate was too soft. That double? Well, this visual evidence should be all you need to see that the pain train has made a permanent home here at SSR.

So unless you want blue to fly through your monitor and tackle you right out of your chair, you'd best do what he says.  Believe me, I know firsthand.  Welcome to the team, blue.


I told you to increase the comments on the Facebook wall, Socalgal.  Now the pain train is coming.  Whoo Whoo!

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