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Lakers-Rockets Open Thread

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It's been a long time since we rock n' rolled, but the wait ends now. Are you ready to rock? I am, in fact, very prepared to rock.

For our new season, we've rolled out a few rules and guidelines specially applicable to game threads. Please give them a quick read, even if you're an old-timer around here. They're not very long, and there's not much that's actually new. We just wanted to put them in one place for economy's sake. We'll keep them posted on the left sidebar of the front page.

And with that, it's my honor to present... the first SS&R drinking game of the 2010-11 season! Sip on your official cocktail of choice whenever someone mentions:

  • Yao Ming's 24-minute "pitch count,"
  • Sasha Vujacic's engagement to Maria Sharapova,
  • How smart or well prepared Shane Battier supposedly is,
  • Kobe Bryant's knee, or
  • the Miami Heat.

Happy new Laker season, everyone!

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