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TMZ: Matt Barnes will not be charged with domestic violence

TMZ is reporting (when did they become the go-to for late breaking sports news?) that the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office does not intend to prosecute Matt Barnes for events which led to Barnes' arrest on September 8th.  From the D.A. himself:

The decision [not to press charges] was made following additional investigation, and was based on the insufficiency of the evidence.

It's always difficult to figure out what kind of tone to relay this news with.  I mean, do we celebrate the idea that, although Barnes was involved in a bad situation, there wasn't sufficient evidence for it to become a problem for him (and therefore, for us)?  As a fan of Lakers basketball, this is obviously good news, because it allows Barnes to focus fully on his task as a professional basketball player without the prospect of a trial looming in the back of his mind.  The timing of this announcement, on the eve of the regular season's opening game, couldn't come at a better time.

For what it's worth, both Barnes and his significant other, Gloria Govan, have denied the allegations,  I guess, if there isn't enough evidence, and both parties involved are saying that nothing happened, that's good enough for me.

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