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TMZ: Sasha Vujacic Engaged to Marry Maria Sharapova

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Everybody, please raise your glass to our very own Sasha Vujacic. He may be incapable of playing D without fouling 65 feet from the basket, but the man's personal life is going enviably well. TMZ, whose business it is to know these things, reports that he's engaged to marry the very successful, very tall and by all accounts very delightful tennis superstar Maria Sharapova.

Vujacic just locked down tennis hottie Sharapova, proposing marriage to her with a massive engagement rock to rival any Lakers championship ring. Sources tell TMZ the pair - who were first spotted holding hands about a year ago - got engaged Tuesday after Sasha popped the question at his home in Manhattan Beach, CA.
Maria's already been spotted out wearing the ring - we've seen it and trust us ... even Vanessa Bryant would be impressed by the future Mrs. Vujacic's ginormous diamond.

Not sure the crack about Vanessa was really needed, but OK.

Sasha is proof that you can land a glamorous celebrity wife even if you're just a humble professional basketball player making only $5 million a year. Truly, Los Angeles is the place where dreams come true. Welcome to the Laker family, Maria!

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