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The Credits: "Meet the Obamas"

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Lakers will meet Obama | obama, lakers, day - Sports - The Orange County Register Lakers coach Jackson chats with President Obama

Lakers vs. Raptors: In-game report | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times

Lakers vs. Raptors - Yahoo! Sports

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 After experiencing yesterday’s loss, the first title that came to mind for The Credits was “Road to Perdition” but then I realized that the Lakers were scheduled to meet Barack Obama at the White House today.  Even if the Lakers would have won, this event deserves more attention than just a couple of links.  In no way is this a cheap attempt to sweep yesterday’s loss under the rug.  Based on the links below you will see that it has actually increased the criticism from the media.  I am upset and I wouldn’t consider myself a fan if the loss didn’t bother me.  Yet, my faith and loyalty in the Lakers is 100% intact.- Carlos

Highlights for today:

  • Lakers to meet Obama today at noon
  • The media describes the Lakers as complacent and lacking enery and a finishing touch
  • Bynum fined for missing flight - Idiot!
  • Artest might sit out with foot injury; Phil blames shoes
  • Rumor: Suns seeking trade for Stoudemire


Recap from last night's action:






NBA News and Rumors:

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