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The Lakers Have Inquired About Devin Harris


This from ESPN's Ric Bucher on his podcast today. No further details from Ric about when this inquiry occurred or what, if anything specific, the Lakers offered to give up. No handicapping from him, either, on the odds of a deal, so just throw it on the rumor pile.

For what it's worth, a trade for Devin Harris would be pretty easy to get done under the salary cap. He makes a relatively modest $8.4 million this year and has three years (after this one) left on this contract. A combination of Adam Morrison and either Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown would satisfy salary-matching rules and free up money for New Jersey to make their offseason free-agent push.

(H/T our homies at Orlando Pinstriped Post.)

Update: Here's the actual quote from Ric. Thanks, Ben R.

As good as the Lakers can be, I don’t see them being dominant. I know that they inquired about Harris from the Nets, which to me says they are very worried about their perimeter defense and they got to be looking at that Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza trade and going: “God, you know what, Derek Fisher is older than we tought, Jordan Farmar is not a defensive presence, Kobe Bryant is going to be driving one of these wheelies to get up and down the floor here any second, what are we going to do in a situation where we’re playing against a really quick perimeter player, maybe more than one? We’re in tough spot."

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