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The Lakers sure know how to hold a grudge

In the past 13 games, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't exactly impressed.  Sure, 8 wins in 13 games isn't exactly poor, but thanks to some injuries, bumps, and bruises, the Lakers have undoubtedly looked rather mortal of late.  They've been thoroughly beaten 5 times over that stretch, and are lucky to have won two games against the Sacramento Kings along the way.

But they've also had the two biggest wins of the year in the last 8 games, and those two games have something very interesting in common. 

The two games in question were last night's 40 point demolition of the Clippers and the 35 point beat down given to the Dallas Mavericks on January 3rd.  The game against Dallas was the first since the Dallas handed the Lakers their first loss of the season way back in October.  And the game against the Clippers was obviously the first since the Clippers took it to the Lakeshow last week.  Add in the most recent Houston game, an admittedly unimpressive 9 point victory as well, and the Lakers are 3-0 against teams which beat them the last time, with an average margin of victory of 28 points per game.

Cleveland, you've been put on notice.  The Lakers are coming, and they don't believe that revenge is a dish that's best served cold.

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