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It's a brand new day ...

which is just like any other.  No more beautiful, and no less.

By now, you should all have read that Josh Tucker is stepping down as manager of Silver Screen and Roll and that I am stepping in.  The truth of the matter, at least in terms of what it means to you fine folk, is that absolutely nothing is changing.  This is just a behind-the-scenes realignment of role to title, a recognition of the fact that Josh has bigger fish he wants to fry, and that I want a chance to fry this fish.

First of all, let me take a second to thank Josh for everything.  Yes, he started SS&R and without him, none of us might be here.  But my appreciation is a bit more personal.   Josh has done much more for me than just provide a place for us all to talk about the team we love.  9 months ago, I had never written a word outside of school assignments.  I barely knew what a blog was.  Now, I'm taking over one of the premier NBA blogs on SB nation, and I really do owe it all to Josh.  Despite the fact that we are the same age, Josh has been a wonderful mentor to me, and has wasted far too much of his time helping me out.  Put simply, Josh Tucker is just good people.  I'd wish him luck, but I don't even think I need to.  There's no doubt in my mind that he'll be successful no matter what he's doing.  It goes without saying that he has an open invitation to be as active at SS&R as he wants to be, and we'll never forget the Founder Emeritus.

At this point, you should know me well, in so much as you can know a person through a blog.  I wrote the site rules the first time around, and there certainly won't be any changes now, either in form or in application.  The environment at SS&R will not change.  Josh called this a change in ownership, but that's not really the case.  SS&R does not belong to me, nor does it belong to Josh.  It belongs to you, and it always has.  I'm just its happy, willing, and (hopefully) able caretaker.

But, since there is an air of rebirth about this whole process, I'm going to take this opportunity to send out a call for help.  With Josh stepping back, SS&R is down to just two main writers, and that's not nearly enough.  As our site grows (and believe me when I say it's growing fast), we need more points of view, more voices willing to distinguish themselves from the crowd.  We want to provide so much more than we are currently capable of.   We also need more moderators, people who understand our principles and are willing to hold everyone equally accountable, regardless of which team they root for.  So if you are interested (or even willing, if not necessarily interested) in stepping up your role at SS&R, please send me an email explaining what you'd like to do.  We will appreciate anybody willing to help in any capacity. 

9 months ago, Josh had a vision of creating the best Lakers community on the web.  That vision is unchanged.  We've taken great strides since then, and we've got a lot more work to do.  So let's get to it.


-Chris (C.A.) Clark, New Editor-in-Chief, Silver Screen and Roll

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