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Twitter Fight! Not Really

Just wanted to alert you peeps to some fun going down online right now. As you might recall, last night there was some jawing back and forth between Jordan Farmar and Brandon Jennings. Jennings has long been an avid Tweeter, and tonight Jordan has taken to teh Intertubes to battle the Bucks rookie. Jennings' Twitter feed (@yungbuck3) can be found here, Jordan's (@jfarmar1) is here.

A sample of the action so far.

From Jordan to Jennings: Am not here to start nothing. You were talking smack on here wanted to clear some air. Look at the bling, done proved myself.

And a response from Jennings: but I'm not going to beef with you. See you should be worried about your spot. Shannon Brown??? That's all imma say

Ha. Good times.

Jordan's account hasn't been verified yet, but he claims it will be soon. In the meantime, pass the popcorn.

UPDATE: Ah, crap. Farmar's account is a fake. Still amusing that Jennings treated it as the real thing. Boooo.

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