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Gils here - Filling in to do a quick links hit for y'all! Short and sweet.



Kurt Rambis likely to become coach of Timberwolves - Los Angeles Times
If Kurt leaves, does that make Brian Shaw the heir apparent to Phil Jackson's throne?

The Official Homepage of Kurt Rambis - Uniting Rambis Fans Around the World!
"I visited your (my) site and was absolutely's GREAT!!!!" -Kurt Rambis on

Don't miss these games : Photo Gallery
10 top regular season games to watch (so far)

Free Agency: Who's Left 2.0 - Basketball News & NBA Rumors - HOOPSWORLD
So, Lamar Odom is off the market, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good players left in free agency. Could Raymond Felton be the next to go?


Ron Artest donates $45,000 diamond watch to Chinese teenager_English_Xinhua
Ron being Ron.

Glen Davis upset with Celtics -
Big Baby bothered by basketball bosses.

Braess’s Paradox and "The Ewing Theory" " Gravity and Levity
Hat tip comments section of 20 second Timeout Several issues will come to head during the NBA labor talks
"Some teams are slitting their economic wrists." --NBA Commissioner David Stern, July, 2009

 stealing noms - My soup
Ninja squirrel