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Clyde Davis, Bitchez!

I like to believe that I know a thing or two about the sport of basketball, but let's be honest: I'm a special-needs tree sloth compared to the great Clyde Davis. You may remember Clyde from his epic debut here at SS&R, in which he wore a sombrero and doled out some tough love to Lamar Odom. And if you don't remember him, you are a bad Lakers fan and an even worse American. I can barely stand the sight of you!

Clyde's back, and although the sombrero has apparently been retired, his greatness is in full effect. He's got a sweet headscarf, his trademark 40's and way more hoops wisdom than you can possibly handle in one sitting. His lecture topics this time around: LeBron, Shaq and the wackness thereof.

If Clyde doesn't get his own talk show soon - or if he's not, at the very least, added to the TNT studio crew - then I think we can safely view capitalism as a failed system.


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