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The Sporting News Is Good at Making Lists

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In non-Olympic years, late July is kind of a dead stretch for sports journalists. There just isn't that much to write about. There's baseball, and then... well. There's baseball. And Brett Favre.

Desperate for something, anything, to toss up on its website, The Sporting News has displayed the kind of editorial laziness that we at SS&R heartily endorse and aspire to. That's right: they decided to make a list! Having polled upwards of 100 eminences from a variety of sports - hee hee... "polled" - they compiled a ranking of the top 50 coaches of all time. UCLA hoops colossus John Wooden finished first, but some current and former Lakers helmsmen got their names in print as well.

Phil Jackson placed fourth, behind Wooden, Vince Lombardi and Bear Bryant. Would-be Odom Thief Pat Riley placed 30th, and Randy Pfund placed 49th. Ehh, that last one might not be completely accurate. I lost interest partway through the article.

In other developments, yours truly was rated the third most romantic NBA blogger, as voted on by your mom.  Woo-hoo, the mylar balloons worked!