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Rick Fox Knows Location of Secret Rebel Base

Rick Fox Comic-Con
Rick Fox Comic-Con

What does this have to do with the Lamar Odom negotiations? Exactly zippo, which is why I'm posting it.

If you've been wondering what Rick Fox has been up to in his post-basketball life.... well, I'm not sure this picture really explains anything. It was taken this weekend at Comic-Con, the convention that - so far as I can tell - has little to do with actual comic books but everything to do with movie studios marketing all the films you'll hate next summer. People who pay to attend clearly have impoverished social lives.

Unlike NBA bloggers! When we're not typing up high-value hoops knowledge, we roll deep at the dopest clubs and routinely fend off NC-17 rated propositions from models of all nationalities. Seriously, ask anyone.

So, what was Rick doing at Comic-Con? And why were stormtroopers administering Miranda rights to him? No clue, my friends.

But Rick, my man: switch to a solid immediately. Those pits look highly malodorous.

(Photo credit and Official SS&R Man of the Year: Denis Poroy)

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