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The Credits 7/24/09

Here are today's Lakers Links:

  • Hardwood Paroxysm " Blog Archive " Dreaming Oddly Odom: Why Odom Returning To Miami Would Be Too Awesome
    Odom knows he wants to be in LA. He’s got business interests there. He’s known around town more than he’s known on the team. He’s a star. AND he gets to be a winner. It’s the perfect situation for him, and no matter how much he wants those extra years, he doesn’t want them enough to leave "The Good Life." So he’ll go back, and be the third to fourth best player on the team, because it’s what’s best for him, and you can’t blame a guy for that. and you can’t blame the Lakers for doing what every fan wants their team to do. Spending the money to bring back as many pivotal pieces of a championship team as possible. So while we wait the hours/days for the inevitable conclusion, let’s dream for a moment of what it would be mean for Odom to say "Screw it" and head back to Miami.
  • Welcome Ron Artest and Welcome to Controversy " dEDGE
  • Ron Artest's move to L.A. could be biggest change of NBA summer - Ian Thomsen -
    After all these years of finding himself in trouble and wondering why, Artest finally knows how much he doesn't know. Having learned the hard way that he needs guidance and firm borders, he pays for the professional advice he doesn't always like. He also has decided, at his own financial expense, that winning a championship is more important than bringing home the maximum paycheck.
  • Josh Powell Podcast: A Road Less Traveled at BasketBlog
    Kobe Bryant knew he was going to star in the NBA from a young age, and fulfilled his destiny as a teenager after Jerry West and the Lakers traded for his rights. Pau Gasol grew up thinking he’d be a doctor, but quickly grew to be so good at basketball that he realized he could play for as long as he wanted. Lakers forward Josh Powell’s basketball story, however, was quite different. He grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, as more of a football and baseball player, with just a touch of the orange ball on the side. A linebacker by trade, standing about 6-2, Powell had no visions of professional basketball. As in, zero. Not even on the radar.
    You can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE.
  • Top Playoff Moments at BasketBlog
    Q: These are my top five moments of the Lakers 2009 postseason:
    5. Kobe’s 40-point outburst in Game 1 vs. Orlando
    4. Kobe’s dagger three-pointer in Game 3 vs. Denver
    3. D-Fish’s three-pointer in overtime of Game 4 vs. Orlando
    2. Ariza’s steal in Game 1 vs. Denver
    1. D-Fish’s three-pointer in Game 4 vs. Orlando to force overtime.

    What am I missing? - Chris, Hermosa Beach, CA

    Not a bad list, Chris. You’ve done your research. While it’s tough to argue with the selections, it’s also pretty easy to throw in five more moments, all of which you can re-live by going through our Lakers Gameday Archive.
    Here’s what we came up with to supplement the list:...
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters Honors Lakers at BasketBlog
    Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35) reacted on Wednesday to passage in the U.S. House of Representatives of her resolution honoring the Lakers on their 15th NBA Title, H. Res. 566.
    (I'm all for the Lakers, but what a waste of our tax dollars!  Praise the Lakers all you want Congresswoman, but it doesn't need to be done on the House floor.)
  • Adam Morrison Impresses in Las Vegas -- NBA FanHouse
    Adam Morrison of the Los Angeles Lakers is an outstanding shooter, but due to a knee injury and a stacked roster, he saw limited action after being acquired at the trade deadline. But during summer league in Las Vegas earlier this month, Morrison was balling, big time -- he averaged 20.8 points and 5.0 rebounds in 32.8 minutes a game. We talked to him one-on-one about the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, Shannon Brown and more.

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