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If Shannon Brown Had a Gatorade Commercial

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Here's the latest entry in my ongoing film festival of homemade Laker fan video joints. This is no Clyde Davis masterpiece, but it's an impressive little number nonetheless. I award it valuable Fishmore Points - redeemable for a free side dish at your local Red Lobster! - for:

  • casting a lesser-known Laker as its leading man, thus giving Shannon Brown some well-deserved dap while moving us one step closer to the inevitable DJ Mbenga YouTube tribute;
  • including extended footage of Marko Jaric getting dunked on; and
  • matching jump-cuts with the complex syncopation of those faux-tribal Gatorade drums, which can't be easy as a matter of video editing-fu.

I mean... I assume it's not easy, but what do I know? Technology baffles me. I'm actually typing this on a Tandy 1000.