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Laker Fans Are YouTube Ninjas

In deciding whether to spend the next several years of his life as a Laker or as... something grossly inferior, Lamar Odom should consider the following: the Laker fanbase is headquartered in Los Angeles, molten center of the movie industry. This means there are oodles of Laker fans with professional video-editing skills and the free time to splice together gorgeously polished do-it-yourself highlight montages.

Like this one:

Come on, now... that's gotta be great for a player's ego, right? I heard the other day that the only YouTube application that's legal in Miami is for cocaine lords to post "stop snitchin" videos. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT, LAMAR.

I was already very much on edge about the contract standoff, and my blood pressure probably didn't need me watching tasty Odom Gems scored to minor-key piano music. But damn if that isn't some some studio-quality production work. Nicely played, mysterious YouTube stranger!

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