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Lamar Calls Dr. Buss, Presses One to Continue in English

Thank you for calling the Los Angeles Lakers. Please listen carefully to the following options, as they have recently changed.

Press '1' to order tickets for the upcoming season.

Press '2' to be connected to the team store.

Press '3' to re-sign as a free agent.

Press '4' if you are Smush Parker.

You may press '0' at any time to return to the main menu.

Lamar Odom called Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss in a [sic] effort to restart negotiations with the team, KCAL-TV's Jim Hill reported.


KCAL-TV reported that Odom was attempting to rebuild any bridges burned by [Odom's agent Jeff] Schwartz.

H/T Yahoo! Sports, via the Los Angeles Times, with a special bonus H/T to some timely FanPosts.

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