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Finals Game 3 — Postgame Entertainment

Wow, great game!

Lakers fell behind around the 6 minute mark of the 3rd Q when Orlando stepped up their D and Team Purple forced up bad jumpers. They played from behind thereafter, finally catching the Magic briefly at the end.

Kobe: Free Throw shooting catastrophe. Five for ten... Discuss.

Big steal by Mickael Pietrus at the 30 second mark when Kobe went butterfingers. Kobe intentional fouled and Pietrus was money at the line, sinking a pair to stretch the lead to 4 with 28.7.


The "BEAT L-A!!!" chants erupted as the Lakers took a TO to move the ball.

With no fouls to give, ball came in to Pau to Lamar to Kobe, who shot a conested 3 and missed. Lamar saved to Trevor and another TO came with only 16.3 on the clock.

"Still plenty of time for LA," said JVG, "they do not need the 3 point shot..."

But what we got was a bunch of missed 3s — Trevor, Kobe, Fish... Kobe cleaned up on Fish's brick for 2, but the clock had more or less run out with the ball flying around and coming off for long offensive rebounds... 

The Magic inbounded with 0.5, up 2, for the intentional foul — but with no timeouts, the Lakers were dead.

Well, the series is 2-1 and you may now vent.


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