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SS&R Game 3 Watch Party - Please RSVP!!

This is an announcement. Any members or readers of Silver Screen and Roll who are local to the L.A. area (or who should feel so inclined to make themselves local to the area for Game 3) should come by the ESPN Zone sports bar across from Staples Center for Game 3. The game starts at 6:00 p.m. — be there plenty early, as we surely won't be the only ones there! I'm probably going to be there as many as three or four hours early.

At ESPN Zone, they have a huge wall screen, as well as other TVs of various sizes throughout the bar and restaurant. It is also within walking distance of Fox Sky Box, Staples Center's own bar, and a couple other bars that have good sized TVs. Food and drink shouldn't be a problem in that area.

If you are coming PLEASE RSVP! Just say so in the comments. I'd like to get a sense of what size group we'll have. Also, if I can find out pretty early that we'll have a good sized group, maybe I can reserve a room, or a section of tables, or something.

Come join us for Game 3, and meet some of the people in real life that you converse with on a regular basis here in cyberspace!

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