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LIVE GameThread - Finals Game 2 - 3rd Quarter

I still like what I see on defense.  Except for Lamar's "absent mindedness".  Is that a word?  Who cares?  If Jeff Van Gundy can say "shotten" on national TV, I can say absent mindedness.  Seriously Lamar, when the only way the Magic are scoring is Rashard Lewis, who is obviously starting to get hot, don't let him walk to a spot, get the ball, shoot it, while your staring at the candy Denzel is eating in the 1st row.  Eat some Smarties at half time, lay off the Dum-Dums.  Lewis made some great shots, but a few were gimmes for him.  We have to make him make great plays.  Unfortunately, he's hot now, and has confidence.  Everything looks great.  Don't let Hedo get some, or we're in for a real battle.

We settled down a bit on offense, without Kobe getting involved yet.  Look for him to do his thing.  If we stay disciplined, the 3rd Quarter could be huge.  Work the ball inside out.  Especially if we're hitting the 3, they'll have to respect it, and it will space out the floor.  Pau, Kobe, Pau. 

By the way, I love Rafer Alston.  Keep him on the floor.

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