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LIVE GameThread - Finals Game 2 - 2nd Quarter

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I like what I'm seeing on defense.  More of the same from Game One.  We're doing a good job on Dwight, and running them off the 3-pt line.  The only good looks they've had from the arc were misses from Pietrus and Alston, and a make from Hedo.  I can live with that.  The Magic are still having trouble running their offense against us.

It seems like we're feeling out what adjustments the Magic want to make on defense.  We're not being patient enough.  Kobe's not using his post game, and has taken 3-4 20 ft. jumpers (I know,  Timbo).  Get on the block.  At least they're trying to establish Pau.  Also, if do get patient, it might be good.  The Magic seem like they want to get stuck in No Man's Land on lazy doubles with Hedo (a la Melo), or send another big (Gortat) to prevent a an entry pass to Kobe.  Lamar needs to prevent this by moving.

Overall, I'll take this.  We'll figure them out first.