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Credits 6/5/2009

If each game had a title, this one would be mockingly called "When Kobe Takes More than 30 Shots ..."

Let me know if you've got a better one.

If everything works out the way I want it to, the title of the Lakers fourth win of this series will be "The Return of the King".

But enough wishful, wistful thinking. If you're like me, you read a lot more stuff when the Lakers win than when they lose. Plus, it's Friday. That stuff you have to do? It can wait 'til Monday. Unless you're a student, and have an exam on Saturday. Then you're SOL.

For the rest of us, the Internetocrats are more than willing to supply the content to meet our demand, so let's get to the links.

20 Second Timeout

... Let's start with the always thorough David Friedman - "Bryant received help from his teammates but considering his deft passing and the way that he draws double teams it must be said that he is helping his teammates to help him: Bryant creates open shots for them and they knock those shots down." Help me help you, help me help you!

Kobe Bryant sinks his teeth into the Magic in Game 1 - Los Angeles Times

...Bill Plaschke decides to focus on Kobe's pearly whites.

Daily Dime: Kobe focused in Game 1 rout - NBA - ESPN

...Is the wrath of Kobe anything like the wrath of Kahn? KAAAHN!

Lakers' scary new look may prove a snarl for the Magic - Los Angeles Times

...Mark Heisler's thoughts on Game 1

Lakers roll in Game 1 - Los Angeles Times

...Mike Breshnahan's recap

More after THE JUMP

Henry Abbott (TrueHoop) on Twitter

... Abbott's Game 1 liveblog has some good insights in his live tweets, especially the ones from an unidentified "NBA source".

The Lakers Pick a New Strategy, and Roll - TrueHoop By Henry Abbott - ESPN

...Kevin Arnovitz tackles technical tactics at TrueHoop, and talks about how the triangle was thrown to the trash temporarily.

Kobe Bryant’s post-Game 1 NBA Finals interview - Lakers blog -

...The rest of the player interviews are on the same blog, just hit "next post" or "previous post" under the blog banner.

Forum Blue And Gold " Well, That Went Well

...Kurt is surprised. So am I. "Orlando was used to seeing LeBron come off that pick, lower his head and linebacker to the hole. But Kobe’s game is more diverse, and he loves the midrange. Starting in the second quarter he came off that pick from Gasol and was consistently able to get to the spot he loves on the elbow, where they gave him the jumper. Next game Orlando is going to show out on that, they are going to body up Kobe, and he has to be ready for his counter to that (pass back to cutting Gasol, kickouts, there are options)."

The 2009 NBA Finals Loser Thread - Game 1: A Short Review of the Playoffs so far, and an excruciating Loser Preview - Pounding The Rock

...A fun read at the Spur's SB Nation Blog, and even some of the comments are amusing!

Kobe well on his way to first Finals MVP - FOX Sports on MSN

...Mark Kriegel -Heaps praise on Kobe in victory, bashes him in defeat.

YouTube - Nike MVPuppets "Lil Dez & LeBron home alone" (in HD)

...When I first saw this, I thought this might have been a well-done parody (hat tip to SSR member intuitive)

NBA Finals: It's still very much about Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James - ESPN

...John Hollinger says Lakers fans have an unhealthy obsession with tearing down LBJ

Kobe's Top 10 - NBA Videos and Highlights

...Kobe's Top 10 - NBA Videos and Highlights. Watch the Top 10 plays from the Lakers' Kobe Bryant during the 2008-09 season. O'Connor: Kobe, Jackson were almost Nets

..."They could have chased history together as Jersey Boys. Instead they are nearly 3,000 miles away tonight, playing in Game 1 of the NBA Finals."

X’s & O’s of Basketball: The Best of All-Access on NBA TV youtube with NBA audio and video

Garnett looking forward - The Boston Globe

..."I talked to [Garnett] and he guaranteed the championship in 2010 and in 2011," Grousbeck said. "He was as fired up as he's ever been." What's with all the guarantees? Aren't you supposed to get something back if a guarantee is not met? It's not a guarantee if nothing happens. OK, I guarantee you I will pull a rabbit out of my butt.

LBJ, You’re Better than That

...Awesome to see Brendan Haywood in the comments engaging in flame wars with strangers like "I_bleed_green".

YouTube - Best Of Van Gundy

...SportsCenter looks back at Stan Van Gundy's best moments from the playoffs.

Complex Blog " 7 Religious Figures Who Would Shut Kobe Bryant Down

..."Denver's coach said that even Jesus couldn't guard Kobe, but we disagree. These other religious icons would probably school him too."

Imagine Kobe, Howard as Clipper Teammates | NBC Los Angeles

..."Back in 2004 the Clippers had a lot of lottery balls and if things had gone right they could have drafted Howard. And they almost signed Kobe as a free agent. Imagine the possibilities."

Obama, in another first, named power celebrity 

...Kobe number 10 on the annual Forbes Celebrity Power List

Stern reaction: LeBron gets $25,000 fine - LA Daily News

Commissioner David Stern NBA Finals news conference - ESPN

... A couple of David Stern links, including the news that Lebron will be fined, after all. Yawn, I know.

Title is key to Kobe Bryant's renown --

,,, Commentary from George Diaz in Orlando

No more Magic fantasyland as Lakers, Kobe dominate --

...President Barack Obama believes in many unbelievable phenomena - just not Magic. Or Airborne.

Howard's first Finals performance is forgettable - FOX Sports on MSN

...The game felt "normal" to Dwight Howard. Maybe that's the problem.

SLAM ONLINE | " NBA Finals: Game 1 Live Blog

..."Some maniac near the Laker bench is wearing one of those gaudy championship jackets from, like, 2002. He is up and giving the refs an earful after the foul call on Fisher. So much for Laker fans being dispassionate."

Hardwood Paroxysm

...Matt Moore's observations (hat tip to Intuitive)

Lakers Dismantle Magic - LAist

... And last but not least: "Remember the 1985 finals. The Lakers were thoroughly annihilated by the Boston Celtics in game one to the tune of 148-114 where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored only 12 points and Magic Johnson grabbed only one rebound. The Lakers went on to win the series 4-2. So before we dismiss the Magic, let's just be very wary."

1985 NBA Finals (4-2): Los Angeles Lakers over Boston Celtics
Game 1 May 27 Los Angeles Lakers 114 Boston Celtics 148
Game 2 May 30 Los Angeles Lakers 109 Boston Celtics 102
Game 3 June 2 Boston Celtics 111 Los Angeles Lakers 136
Game 4 June 5 Boston Celtics 107 Los Angeles Lakers 105
Game 5 June 7 Boston Celtics 111 Los Angeles Lakers 120
Game 6 June 9 Los Angeles Lakers 111 Boston Celtics 100

The 84-85 Lakers got smoked in Game 1 like Orlando last night, but still came back to win it in six.

So remember, Lakers fans, this thing ain't over until we start seeing Fish and Pau in public announcements wearing ridiculous hats asking fans to "celebrate with dignity".

Happy reading!

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