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Lakers vs Magic Game 1: 3rd Quarter Thread

Well I guess the Jameer Nelson question has been answered, and he doesn't look half bad.  Not that it seemed to matter (other than that scowl on Alston's face).  I didn't get to watch much of the first half so I couldn't really say why we have a 10 point lead, other than that Kobe is KILLING IT!!!  And the refs are really, I mean really, letting them play, which is fine by me.  So long as the Magic continue to play finesse, all of the no calls will play to the Lakers strength (which is physicalness, not cheap fouls for those of you looking for some conspiricy). 

Big thanks to Wondahbap for covering the secong quarter thread, but I'm back and geared up for an even bigger second half from KB24.  Hope you are too!

Go Purple & Gold!

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