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The Credits 6/30/09

  • Kobe Bryant Conquers China -
    The Chinese people’s love of American basketball star Kobe Bryant can be attributed to his talent. But it’s also a reflection of Mr. Bryant’s frequent visits to China and the Chinese government’s growing interest in promoting the virtues of charity.
  • The Soulvine: Kobe and Antonio on the bus | Los Angeles Wave - Community News, Sports & Entertainment | The Soulvine
    Much to the delight of some high-powered onlookers, Lakers great Kobe Bryant confronted Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the start of last week’s jam-packed Lakers victory parade and added a whole new dimension to the day’s festivities.
  • Kobe Bryant Was Heavily Influenced by Michael Jackson's Career -- NBA FanHouse
    If I told you that, "Kobe Bryant grew up idolizing MJ," you would undoubtedly nod your head and say, "Yes. I can easily see how Michael Jordan was a big influence on Mamba." But, as it turns out, 24 was also heavily influenced by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
  • Kobe Bryant Talks to MTV About Michael Jackson’s Influence on Him | The Hoop Doctors
    (Hat tip to FanHouse)
  • Kobe Bryant - Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009 - TIME
    Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is the 2009 NBA Finals MVP. One of the things he always told me was, Don't be afraid to be different. In other words, when you have that desire, that drive,...
  • Will NBA teams be as tight as the economy? - Los Angeles Times
    Blame it on the economy. Or that so few NBA teams are far enough under the salary cap to sign an impact free agent. Or that many more big names -- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh among them -- could be available next summer. Whatever the reason, free agency won't be a free-for-all when it starts Wednesday, even though Lakers fans might expect otherwise since forwards Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza are able to sign with any team that winks back at them. Here's a look at free agency around the league...
  • Will Lakers -- or someone else -- show them the money? - LA Daily News
    One by one, they said they hoped to come back to play for another NBA championship next season. Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown said they were happy and at home with the Lakers and wanted to re-sign with the team. The Lakers want them back, too. General manager Mitch Kupchak and coach Phil Jackson each said the journey to a second consecutive league title begins by re-signing the three unrestricted free agents. Kupchak made two moves toward retaining the services of Ariza, Odom and Brown when he traded two of the Lakers' three draft picks for cash and future selections. He didn't want to add players or their salaries to the roster. The next and most important step begins at 9 p.m. today.
  • Lakers, Heat lead rankings of NBA free-agent destinations - Steve Aschburner -
    My task here: Rank the 30 NBA markets in terms of attractiveness to players, weighing tangibles as well as intangibles, to better understand the team's inherent competitive advantages and disadvantages.

    1. Los Angeles (Lakers): Oh, to be young, rich and a Laker. You've got championship potential (and a ring coming if you already were there this spring), a dominant superstar, the wisest of head coaches. And Hollywood in awe and that marvelous playground beyond Staples Center.
    (Like we didn't know.)
  • Forum Blue And Gold " Waiting For Godot. Or Free Agency.
    Right about now basketball fans will listen to just about anything "to hold the terrible silence at bay." So, here are a few thoughts to fill the void.

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