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The Credits 6/24/09

Here are today's links:

  • Mitch Kupchak: Los Angeles Lakers likely to trade first-round pick - ESPN
    The NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers will likely unload at least one of their three draft picks. They have the 29th pick in the first round and the 42nd and 59th picks in the second round of Thursday's draft. General manager Mitch Kupchak said Wednesday that there was a "better than even likelihood" the team would get rid of its first-round pick.
  • Kurt Rambis, Phil Jackson mull life ahead with Lakers - Los Angeles Times
    Rambis said the idea is to keep Jackson healthy for the long run and physically fit so the Lakers have a better chance at defending the championship they just won. "Everybody benefits," Rambis said. "Phil remains fresh without having the season and the travel wear him down. It gives me valuable coaching experience. What the future holds beyond Phil, I don't know. But this keeps continuity of what we're doing, what we do defensively and offensively."
  • There’s no comparison between Kobe and Michael - Lakers blog -
    Why must Kobe Bryant be compared to anyone? But he is — constantly to Michael Jordan — but at least Scottie Pippen made a seemingly smart comparison by saying you can’t compare the two.
  • Kobe 24/8: Kobe v. Jordan
    Look closely at them, and you'll see what I mean. Kobe v. Jordan. I think it is a happy marriage of names, and a marriage it is. For time, for all eternity -- Kobe v. Jordan. In a sense, Kobe has already attained to the highest heights, just because his name is married inextricably to the highest. How did this happen? Because truly there can be no challenger, v. Jordan. But apparently Kobe has risen somehow to the challenge; or his name would not appear wherever Jordan's name appears...
    ...Because truly there can be no challenger, v. Jordan. Does Matisse challenge Picasso? Who can challenge Picasso? Still, their names have a certain consanguinity. But it is the wrong analogy anyway, because Kobe is Picasso, so we would have to invent yet a greater twentieth century artist and with more care than if he was our own child name him and then juxtapose the names. But certainly Kobe v. Jordan shall go on juxtaposing through time and eternity.

  • Kobe Bryant, Lebron James remind of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson - Ian Thomsen -
    "A season for the ages," commissioner David Stern said of this NBA year gone by. But I prefer to view it as a recasting of the 1980s: The names have changed, but the dynamics are familiar.

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