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The Credits 6/22/09

Here are today's Links:

  • Forum Blue And Gold " Can’t Lose Situation - Part II
    We’ve talked finances. We’ve talked Lamar Odom. And despite these being very specific topics, Trevor Ariza is the guy whose name has come up in both of these conversations. This is a testament to his incredible importance to our team’s success and his tremendous contributions to our championship season. Yes, we are Kobe’s team. Yes, Pau Gasol has proven himself as an all world player. And yes, Odom has the versatility and Bynum is the future. But, no player has grown on us quite like Ariza.
  • Phenomenal Swag: Kobe vs. LeBron t-shirt - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    I keep my ear to the streets, people. I listen to rumors and tips. I pay several people a significant wage to keep me in the know. So it is without reservation that I can predict that this LeBron James(notes) vs. Kobe Bryant(notes) thing isn't going away. The latest little nugget of information I've received? This t-shirt from 80's Purple.
  • LAKERS: Lakers 2009 Championship Parade Photo Gallery
    Check out pictures from the Lakers 2009 Championship Celebration Parade.
  • 2009 Lakers Summer League Schedule at BasketBlog
  • Kobe's big week -
    To the victor go the spoils – and the great seats. Lakers' star and NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant enjoyed a whirlwind week since the Lakers won their 15th championship.
  • Kobe takes in Freeway Series finale | News
    Basking in the sunshine -- and the afterglow of his fourth NBA championship -- on Sunday was Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, who took in the Freeway Series finale in a front row behind the visitors' dugout at Angel Stadium.
  • 20 Second Timeout: Deconstructing Bad Writing: Krolik's Slam Job on Kobe Bryant, Part I
    A while ago I indicated in passing that someone had thrown together a hideous article for SlamOnline in which he declared that the upcoming Lakers-Rockets game seven would be the defining moment of Kobe Bryant's career. I did not initially say who wrote this nonsense, because it is more important to correct faulty reasoning/poor writing than to just bash a particular writer. I also did not want to give the article more attention that it deserved; admittedly, this is a difficult, fine line to walk: how does one correct falsehood without at the same time publicizing it? Eventually, one of my regular readers wrote a comment asking me who wrote the offending article and I told him that it was John Krolik. I was not trying to make a big deal about "who," because to me it is more important to focus on "what," namely the poor reasoning involved in even thinking up such a piece in the first place. However, Krolik decided to attempt to refute in detail my take on his piece, which is funny on three levels:
    (David Friedman takes on John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog and Slam)

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