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Return of the Jedi?


Fresh off of his "LBJ/MVP" shirt.  The "Chosen One" is back with another message tee shirt.  Make no mistake.  This is all about reminding us who "The Man" is supposed to be.  Funny.  If it's even possible, LeBron is more competitive with Kobe, when it comes to the battle of being the NBA's top dog, than on the court.  Next year will be fun.  If you thought Kobe vs. LeBron was big before, just wait.  It's gearing up for something huge.  LeBron obviously has something to prove to us, since Kobe has scoreboard.  It's going to be fun.  What's next?

The shirt is fine with me, but I'm still waiting for a Bandwagon Billy article pointing this out.  Think we'll see it?  LeBron has an ego bigger than the ESPN campus, but Kobe "practices" faces?  And I really hope the Big Grandstander (Shaq) doesn't decide to start making shirts.  Ugh.

Your thoughts?


(Hat tip to Slam Online for the picture.)