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747: Oh, there you guys are!

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As you may have read, I was at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. Nobody from the blog showed up – at least nobody that found me (that's what I get for choosing a place "so far" east of L.A. proper, I guess) – but an old middle school teacher and friend from over a decade ago met me there.

I brought my laptop, but our table was right in the middle of the room, and there were no power outlets accessible to us. I dimmed my screen as much as possible, but shortly after I posted the second half thread, my computer died.

There had only been a couple hundred comments in the first half thread, and less than one hundred by the end of the first quarter, so I figured a second half thread would be plenty. I get home tonight to find that the second half thread exploded, to the tune of 747 comments!

Glad to see you guys are still around! It's been crazy being on such a long, extended visit to Los Angeles, and I was afraid the blog had suffered because of it. But there is no better time than this for Lakers fans to come together and celebrate this moment!

3-1 feels great. Buffalo Wild Wings was insane near the end of the game. Watching a Lakers championship happen before my eyes is such a great feeling, and I can't express how exciting it is to experience this, one game at a time, here in the heart of Lakerland. (Just think – in Kansas, I would be celebrating this win, and the eventual championship, all alone!)

Go Lakers!

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