UPDATED: Game 4 Watch Party

Alright, folks. I'm going to make this as simple as possible. Only 3 people showed up for the Game 3 Watch Party at ESPN Zone (at least, only three that found us). While it was great hanging out with Sideout11, pslakerfan, and Charles Y, I'm thinking that unless I'm sure to have a larger turnout tomorrow night for Game 4, we'll just stay home and stick to the GameThreads.

So, here's the important thing about this question: Only answer Yes if you are certain that you will be showing up for a Game 4 Watch Party, if we have one.

UPDATE: Here's what I've decided to do. The wife and The wife's flight got canceled, so she can't make it tonight. I will be at Buffalo Wild Wings in Chino Hills. We'll I'll arrive nice and early (probably by 4:00 p.m., if not before), and anyone who wants to join me there can do so. I'll try to have a sign or something saying Silver Screen & Roll, but I'll also let whoever is taking care of seating know to direct you to us, so you can just ask for the Silver Screen & Roll (Lakers blog) table.

I realize this is farther away for some of you, and may seem inconvenient. However, here are my reasons for going with Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • It is awesome. The wife and I really like the BWW a lot.
  • It has SEVERAL huge screens, and many other TVs throughout.
  • It has wireless internet access, meaning we can still participate in the GameThreads.
  • Their wings are AWESOME. They have everything from nice and mild to REALLY hot. The hottest is BLAZIN', and they have the BLAZIN' Challenge: 12 BLAZIN' wings in 6 minutes. I intend to attempt it. That alone should be worth the extra driving.
  • Beer selection is decent. You won't find any great Belgians, but several solid beers for those of us who have taste buds, and plenty of fish piss for the rest of you.
  • Boneless Wings Thursdays!
  • Free, easy to access parking! Seriously, trying to park downtown sucks, and it's leaving me with very little beer money.

Compare this to ESPN Zone, and I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantage of the extra drive. ESPN Zone had no parking, is ridiculously expensive (seriously, poor people like me just can't really afford to get much food/drink there), does NOT have internet access, and our angle on the TVs wasn't even all that great.

If you were planning on coming but can't now because of the location, I sincerely apologize. I'll be glad to do Game 5 in a more accessible location, on one condition: Somebody else decides where we're going, because I'm tired of trying to find a good place downtown. As far as I'm concerned, there aren't any.

Otherwise, I hope to see you all there. Get there as early as possible!